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Kris Allen
Adam Lambert
Alan Jackson
Alex Wagner-Trugman
Alexander Green
Alexis Grace
Allison Barron
Allison Iraheta
Angela Martin
Anna Kaelin
Anne-Marie Boskovich
AnneMarie Boskovich
Anoop Desai
Antonio Magana
Arianna Afsar
Asa Barnes
Ashley Anderson
Ashley Hollister
Ashley Mendez
Aubrey Logan
Audrey-Kate Geiger
Austin Sisneros
Brent Keith Smith
Brian Peterson
Brianna Quijada
Casey Carlson
Cesar DeLaRosa
Chris Chatman
Chris Medina
Cody Sheldon
Damaris Rivera
Danielle Roundtree
Danny Gokey
David Gowryluk
David Osmond
De Anna Brown
Deanna Brown
Deevon Rahming
Dennis Brigham
Derek Drake
Derik Lavers
Devin Bodkin
Devon Baldwin
Dominique Brown
Emily Wynne-Hughes
Felicia Barton
Frankie Jordan
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Golden Ticket 16483
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India Morrison
Jackie Mendez
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Jackie Tohn
Jamar Rogers
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Jeanine Vailes
Jennifer Korbee
Jennifer Samoranos
Jesse Langseth
Jesse McCullagh
Jessica Furney
Jessie Lawrence
Jesus Valenzula
Joanna Pacitti
John Twiford
Jorge Nunez-Medez
Joseph Faifili
Josh Cloud
Josh Tryon
Joshua Ulloa
Julica Kelly
Julissa Veloz
JuNot Joyner
Justin Williams
Kai Kalama
Katrina Bikini-Girl Darrell
Katrina Darrell
Kaylan Loyd
Kechelle Whitney
Kellye Vetter
Kendall Beard
Kenny Hoffpauer
Kristen McNamara
Kyle XXX
Lacey Brown
Lauren Barnes
Leneshe Young
Lexi Lawson
Lil Rounds
Lindsey Stewart
Mallory Logue
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Matt Giraud
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TK Hash
Tom Korbee
Tryphaena Nimmons
Von Smith
Yazmine Esparza
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Voted Off
Who Got Voted Off AI?

Unfortunately, we can't all be winners, so the voted off idol for Week 14 (May 20, 2009) is Adam Lambert.

Congratulations to him for his moments in the American Idol spotlight, and best wishes to him always!

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Season 8 Idol of the Season:
Adam Lambert photo
Adam Lambert
Votes this Season: 10
IT Factor Rating: 7.86

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IT Factor Leaders:
Best Singer:
Adam Lambert 10.7 factoring 10 Votes
Best Showman:
Adam Lambert 10.7 factoring 10 Votes
Most Stylish:
Kris Allen 10.5 factoring 8 Votes
Most Charismatic:
Adam Lambert 10.5 factoring 10 Votes
Best Face:
Kris Allen 11.2 factoring 8 Votes
Rockin'est Body:
Kris Allen 11.0 factoring 8 Votes
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Adam Lambert
close-up of Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert
Votes this Season: 10
IT Factor Rating: 7.86

Vote for: Adam | Others

Why Was Adam Voted Off?

Singing Not Great

Wrong Song Choice(s)

Lack of Overall Talent

Lack of Personality

Face/Body Under Par

Performed Really Bad

Wrong Demographic

Judges Played Favs

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The American Idol Season 8 Top 17 includes Kris Allen, Adam Lambert, Alexis Grace, Allison Iraheta, Anoop Desai, Danny Gokey, Jasmine Murray, Jesse Langseth, Jorge Nunez-Medez, Lil Rounds, Matt Giraud, Megan Corkrey, Michael Sarver, Ricky Braddy, Scott Macintyre, Tatiana Del Toro and Von Smith.

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Unfortunately, some of our favorites didn't quite make it. In memory, we would like to also provide you with links to Alan Jackson, Alexander Green, Allison Barron, Angela Martin, Anna Kaelin, Anne-Marie Boskovich, Antonio Magana, Asa Barnes, Ashley Anderson, Ashley Hollister, Ashley Mendez, Aubrey Logan, Audrey-Kate Geiger, Austin Sisneros, Brian Peterson, Brianna Quijada, Cesar DeLaRosa, Chris Chatman, Chris Medina, Cody Sheldon, Damaris Rivera, Danielle Roundtree, David Gowryluk, David Osmond, De Anna Brown, Deanna Brown, Deevon Rahming, Dennis Brigham, Derek Drake, Derik Lavers, Devin Bodkin, Devon Baldwin, Dominique Brown, Emily Wynne-Hughes, Frankie Jordan, Golden Ticket 006, Golden Ticket 008, Golden Ticket 16483, Golden Ticket 16483, Golden Ticket 24393, Golden Ticket 43555, Golden Ticket 44183, Golden Ticket 54351, Golden Ticket 62747, Golden Ticket 80429, Golden Ticket 81128, Golden Ticket 82281, Golden Ticket 84392, Golden Ticket 84471, Golden Ticket 85530, Golden Ticket 85721, Golden Ticket 89681, Golden Ticket 91340, Golden Ticket 92481, Imari Molifua, India Morrison, JB Ahfua, Jackie Mendez, Jackie Mitkiff, Jamar Rogers, James Harris, James Jannetty, Jarrett Burns, Jason Rosario, Jennifer Korbee, Jennifer Samoranos, Jesse McCullagh, Jessica Furney, Jessie Lawrence, Jesus Valenzula, Joanna Pacitti, John Twiford, Joseph Faifili, Josh Cloud, Josh Tryon, Joshua Ulloa, Julica Kelly, Julissa Veloz, Justin Williams, Katrina Bikini-Girl Darrell, Katrina Darrell, Kaylan Loyd, Kechelle Whitney, Kellye Vetter, Kenny Hoffpauer, Kyle XXX, Lacey Brown, Lauren Barnes, Leneshe Young, Lexi Lawson, Lindsey Stewart, Mallory Logue, Margo May, Markese Morris, Maryn Azoff, Megan Bohls, Melinda Camille, Michael Castro, Michael Steven Tristan, Monique Garcia Torres, Moorea Masa, Naomi Sykes, Natasha Pummill-Valentine, Nicholas Hendrix, Patricia Lewis Roman, Perrie Cataldo-, Raquel Houghton, Rose Flack, Ryan Johnson, Ryan Pinkston, Sharon Wilbur, Shauntel Campos, Shelby Swartwood, Shera Lawrence, Stephanie Rashea-Britt, Steve Darden, TK Hash, Thomas Otto Malone, Tom Korbee, Tryphaena Nimmons and Yazmine Esparza.

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